Inconsci (anti)coloniali, a film retrospective on Rome and its (anti)colonial legacy is out now!

Inconsci (anti)coloniali, a film retrospective on Rome and its (anti)colonial legacy is out now!

The British School at Rome is excited to present “Inconsci (anti)coloniali, a film retrospective on Rome and its (anti)colonial legacy”, curated by Luca Peretti (Warwick; BSR) with Marta Pellerini (BSR).

This series comprises screenings of films set in, or about, Rome and the legacy of colonialism and anticolonialism. Themes include the construction of the mausoleum dedicated to the Fascist general Graziani, the presence of African students in Rome in the post-war era, including those coming from former colonies, and the links Rome had to anticolonial and anti-imperialist struggles in the world. A rare screening of a film by Luca Guadagnino will open the series. Each screening will be introduced and discussed by scholars and journalists. All the films will be screened with subtitles in English.


Download the full programme here (Enlish version and Italian version).


14 April h. 17.30
Inconscio italiano” (Luca Guadagnino, 2011, 100 min)

28 April, h. 18.00
If only I were that warrior” (Valerio Ciriaci, 2015, 72 min)

12 May, h. 18.00
Notes Towards an African Orestes” (Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1970, 73 min)

19 May, h. 18.00
Della conoscenza” (Alessandra Bocchetti, 1968, 29 min)

The events will be held in-person, registration is not required.

“Inconscio italiano”, Luca Guadagnino, 2011
“If only I were that warrior”, Valerio Ciriaci, 2015

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