Digital Collections

Digital Collections


A digital insight into our resources

The Digital Collections platform brings together some of the most remarkable and unique materials housed in the Library and Archive repositories. Two of the most significant BSR holdings – the Thomas Ashby and the Dora & Agnes Bulwer photographic collections – are now available for consultation alongside one of the Digital Humanities research projects relating to the collection of the topographer and antiquary William Gell.

The new webpage includes a ‘Highlight’ section, in which research projects, theme-based presentations, virtual exhibitions and new digital content are presented. Work on our digital data continues, and we shall be adding more collections and enhance digital content in the forthcoming months.

Collections accessible in person only

We are working towards making all our collections available online but for now the following archives can only be accessed in Rome by subscribers and library members by appointment with the Archivist.

Air photographs collection (c.1960)
Italian and North African air views. On permanent loan to the Aerofototeca – ICCD, Rome

BSR Fine Arts collection (1912-1960)
Photographs of paintings, sculpture, architecture by Rome scholars.

James Graham collection (c. 1860)
Very rare views of Naples, Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi coast.

Robert Gardner collection (1912-1913)
Archaeological sites, monuments and landscapes of Italy.

Eugénie Strong collections (1900-c.1930)
Ancient Greek and Roman sculpture and other works of art. The collection includes albums of postcards and photographic prints by renowned photographers: Alinari, Anderson, Brogi, Bruckmann, Evangelisti, Faraglia, Giraudon, Gray, Leon, Lombardi, Moscioni, Poppi, Tuminello.

Cruickshank collection (1892-1918)
Medieval and renaissance architecture and art.

John Marshall Archive (1900-1928)
Greek, Roman and Etruscan art.

Early Photographers Collection
Material including photographic prints of important photographers such as McPherson, Moscioni, Perini, Robert and Tuminello.

Latest Events

Latest Events

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