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Join & Support

Join & Support

Why support the BSR? The British School at Rome has fulfilled its mission for over a hundred years through a combination of public funding and private philanthropy, the balance fluctuating with the economic and political demands of the time.


In the current economic climate, drastic cuts to public funding throughout the higher education and cultural sectors have produced uncertainty for all. The BSR faces a great challenge because we rely on external support for everything not covered by our core grant from the British Academy and own limited endowment.

We are unique and small, but BSR scholars, artists, and architects are leaders in the public and private sector throughout the world.

Few institutions enjoy the strong emotional bond that exists between the BSR and our former award holders, and we are counting on this intensely loyal community to help us secure the BSR’s future – through personal support as well as helping to identify sources of support in the many arenas in which our award holders operate.

If we are to ensure the continued excellence and growth of the British School at Rome, we must build on the tradition of combining public money with significant private investment. That is our future.

2023 Ashby Patrons

Mr and Mrs Colin Blackmore
Mr Jeremy Blake
Charles and Ann Bonney
Dr Dianne Bresciani YMFA
Dr Janet DeLaine
Mr and Mrs Alan Gibbins
Mr Peter Johnson
Mr and Mrs Timothy Llewellyn
Dan O’Connor
Ms Gill Ord
Professor John Osborne
Mr Jason and Dr Erinn Rhodes
Bridget Riley
Mr Graham Roos
Mr Peter J Smith
Ms Angela Swales
Dr and Mrs Paul Williamson

and those who wish to remain anonymous

2023 Sustaining Members

Professor David Abulafia
Mr Dewi Alter
Mr Zoheir Beig
Mr Richard Boase
Professor Barbara Borg
Professor Louise Bourdua
Dr Anthony Bowen
Ms Maeve Brennan
Dr Jane Bridgeman
Mr Peter Brown
Dr Abigail Brundin
Mr Geoffrey Brunell
Dr Andrew Burnett
Dr Peter Clarke
Dr Hilary Cool
Mr Richard Cooper
The Hon. Harriet Cullen
Dr Nicholas Davidson
Ms Lindsey Davis
Mr Eric Fripp
Dr Roger Gill
Ms Alessandra Giovenco
Mr Jacques Hennessy
Lady Anne Heseltine
Professor Stephen Heyworth
Mr Ian Hodgson
Professor Mary Jacobus
Mrs Brigid Keast-Butler
Mr Graham Kentfield
Mrs Erin Lawlor
Mr Han Li
Dr Dorothy Lobel King
Mr Francis McIvor
Ms Nicole Moffatt
Dr Stephen Morris
Mr Anthony Mulligan
Mr Richard Northern
Dr Natalia Nowakowska
Mr Simon Oddie
Dr Noel O’Regan
Mrs Jacqueline Ortoleva
Dr Jill Pellew
Ms Jessica Plant
Professor John Pollard
Mr Christopher Prentice
Mr Patrick Reeve
Professor Liz Rideal
Sir Ivor Roberts & Lady Roberts
John C Robertson
Mr Andrew Rose
Mrs. Samantha Rowley
Ms Sophie Service
Sir John Shepherd
Ms Suzan Smith
Dr MaryAnne Stevens
Mr Michael Stillwell
Professor Rosemary Sweet
Mr Keith Sykes
Professor Robert Tavernor
The Rt Hon. the Lord Justice Nicholas Underhill
Dr Susan Walker
Professor Andrew Wallace-Hadrill
Professor Chris Wickham
Professor John Wilkes
Professor Peter Wiseman
Mr Andrew Wong
Professor Ian Wood

and those who wish to remain anonymous

2023 Institutional Members

Magdalen College Oxford
Corpus Christi College Oxford
The Paul Mellon Centre
University of Ottowa
London School of Mosaic
Australian Catholic University
University of Gloucestershire
University of Birmingham
Youth Music Foundation of Australia