The BSR is a vibrant community of artists, academics, fellows and staff members continuously engaged in facilitating interdisciplinary research in the very heart of the Eternal City. An administrative office is also maintained in London which provides support for award-holders, membership and UK events. 


Antonello Alici
Living with earthquakes. A strategic plan for the earthquake prone regions

Joan Barclay Lloyd
The architecture and decoration of medieval churches and monasteries in Rome, c. 1050-c. 1320

Caroline Barron
Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Prints from the BSR Ashby Collection; Reimagining antiquity and epigraphy through Piranesi’s prints.

Flaminia Bartolini
Material legacies of Fascism and Colonialism in Rome

Maria Cristina Biella
Giving voice to an ancient city: the case of Falerii Veteres

Raffaella Bucolo
The Antiquities Collection of the Villa Wolkonsky in Rome

Roberta Cascino
Trade and commerce in Rome’s hinterland in the early and middle Republican period: material culture approaches

Patrizia Cavazzini
The art market and display of works of art in Roman houses in seventeenth-century Rome; artists at the papal court

Letizia Ceccarelli
The technology of firing and ceramic production through archeometric analyses

Francesco Maria Cifarelli
Archaeology of Lazio and the suburbium of Rome

Roberto Cobianchi
‘Lo temperato uso delle cose’. The patronage of the Franciscan Observance

Maria Giuseppina Di Monte
Theory and history of contemporary art

Donal Cooper

Eloisa Dodero
The Reception of the Capitoline Collection of Ancient Sculptures: from the Donation of the Lateran Bronzes (1471) to the Treaty of Toletino (1797)

Elizabeth Fentress
Roman archaeology

Alessandra Ferrini
On Art, Research and Positionality: practice-based approaches to colonial and fascist legacies

Beatrice Fochetti
Archaeological research on the central area of Falerii Novi and the monumental architecture of insula XXXI

Stefania Gerevini
‘Liaisons dangereuses’: art, identity and conflict in medieval Venice, Genoa and the eastern Mediterranean

Abigail Graham
Applying Cognitive Approaches to Assessing and Engaging with Monumental writing

Inge Lyse Hansen
Role-playing and role-models in Roman imperial art; late Roman funerary art; provincial identity and patronage in the Greek east

Andrew Hopkins
Architectural patronage between Venice and Rome in the seventeenth century

Clare Hornsby
Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Print Catalogue Poject (2021-2024)

David Knipp
The Presence of Syrian Greeks at S. Maria dell’Ammiraglio, Palermo 1143–93

Simon Martin
The memory of Italian Fascism in contemporary Italy

Annalisa Marzano
Ancient economic history and Roman archaeology: the exploitation of natural resources, Roman villas and agriculture

Sheila O’Donnell
Reading Rome’ Architecture Summer School

Francesca Parrilla
Michelangelo’s followers in Rome

Guido Petruccioli
The collecting and trade of antiquities in late nineteenth- and early twentienth-century Rome: the John Marshall and Edward Perry Warren Archives

Justin Randolph Thompson
Minted in Enemy Bronze

Renato Sebastiani
The archaeology of Portus

Christopher Siwicki
The detrimental effects of, and opposition to, building activity and urban development in ancient Rome

Thomas True
The cultural and urban history of the Papal States (1506–1631)

John Tuomey
Reading Rome’ Architecture Summer School

Maurice Whitehead
The archives of the Venerable English College

Karin Wolfe
The Venetian painter Francesco Trevisani


Professor Gilda Bartoloni
Professor Anna Maria Bietti Sestieri
Dr Angelo Bottini
Mr Peter Brown CBE
Professor Andrea Carandini
Professor Filippo Coarelli
Professor Francesco D’Andria
Professor Stefano De Caro
Professor Paolo Delogu
Lady Egerton
Professor Emanuela Fabbricotti
Professor Vincenzo Fiocchi Nicolai
Professor Anna Gallina Zevi
Professor Pier Giovanni Guzzo
Mr Robert Jackson
Professor Adriano La Regina

Professor Eugenio La Rocca
Dr Tersilio Leggio
Professor Paolo Liverani
Professor David Marshall
Avv. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo
Professor Massimo Osanna
Professor John Osborne
Dr David Woodley Packard
Professor Paola Pelagatti
Professor Lorenzo Quilici
Professor Stefania Quilici Gigli
Dr Anna Maria Reggiani
Mr Michael Stillwell
Professor Fausto Zevi

Latest Events

Latest Events

City of Rome | Architecture and poetry: the ‘Casa dei Crescenzi’ and its inscriptions
Although a fraction of its original size, the “Casa dei Crescenzi” is the most imaginative recycling of ancient architecture to survive from medieval Rome. Three
Wednesday 24 May
18:00 - 19:30
City of Rome | Topography and social change: the late antique Campus Martius and its environs
This lecture will explore the social history of the campus Martius in Late Antiquity, examining how different social groups helped to define this area through
Wednesday 17 May
18:00 - 19:30
City of Rome | Il Vaso Portland e il Mausoleo di Monte del Grano: ricostruzione di un contesto
This event will be in Italian. CITY OF ROME LECTURE SERIES Filippo Coarelli è nato a Roma il 9 Giugno 1936. Ha insegnato nelle Università di
Wednesday 26 April
18:00 - 19:30