The Papers
Vol. 78 (2010)

The Papers
Vol. 78 (2010)

xiv, 354 pages, including 101 black and white illustrations and 8 colour plates

Christopher Smith and John Richardson, Geoffrey Edwin Rickman (1932–2010)


Sophie Hay, Paul Johnson, Simon Keay and Martin MillettFalerii Novi: further survey of the northern extramural area

Marden Nichols, Contemporary perspectives on luxury building in second-century BC Rome

Maureen Carroll, Exploring the sanctuary of Venus and its sacred grove: politics, cult and identity in Romen Pompeii

Filippo Coarelli, Substructio et tabularium

Dirk Booms, The vernae Caprenses: traces of Capri’s Imperial history after Tiberius

Elizabeth Fentress, Cooking pots and cooking practice: an African bain-marie?

Meaghan McEvoy, Rome and the transformation of the imperial office in the late fourth–mid-fifth centuries AD

Anne Alwis and Ellen Swift, The role of late antique art in early Christian worship: a reconsideration of the iconography of the ‘starry sky’ in the ‘Mausoleum’ of Galla Placidia

Gillian Mackie, Warmundus of Ivrea and episcopal attitudes to death, martyrdom and the millennium

Ian Campbell and Robert W. Gaston, Pirro Ligorio and two columna caelata drawings at Windsor Castle

Robert Coates-Stephens, Notes from Rome 2009–10

Research Reports

Balsdon Fellowship (Michael Bury)

Cary Fellowship (Robert Coates-Stephens)

Hugh Last Fellowship (Stephen Heyworth)

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellowship (William Eisler)

Rome Fellowships (Carrie Churnside, Emiliano Perra)

Rome Scholarships (Meaghan McEvoy, Lucy Turner Voakes)

Ralegh Radford Rome Scholarship (Marden Nichols)

Macquarie University Gale Scholarship (Duncan Keenan-Jones)

Rome Awards (Caillan Davenport, Claire Holleran, Elizabeth Munro, Edward Payne)

Tim Potter Memorial Award (Alun Williams)

Giles Worsley Travel Fellowship (Rebecca Madgin)

Archaeological Fieldwork Reports

Ed Bispham and Susan Kane

Domenico Camardo, Domenico Esposito, Catello Imperatore, Mario Notomista, Sarah Court and Andrew Wallace-Hadrill

Amanda Claridge and James Andrews

Filippo Coarelli, Stephen Kay and Helen Patterson

Elizabeth Fentress

Sophie Hay, Elizabeth Fentress, Nabil Kallala, Josephine Quinn and Andrew Wilson

Sophie Hay, Stephen Kay, Jessica Ogden and Gregory Tucker

Simon Keay

Myles McCallum and Hans vanderLeest

Roman Roth and Carrie Murray

Alastair Small

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