The Papers
Vol. 68 (2000)

The Papers
Vol. 68 (2000)

xx, 410 pages including 184 figures and a large foldout


Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Timothy William Potter (1944–2000) (pp. viii-xix)


Simon Keay, Martin Millett, Sarah Poppy, Julia Robinson, Jeremy Taylor and Nicola Terrenato, Falerii Novi: a new survey of the walled area (pp. 1-93)

Jane Stuart-Smith, Two South Picene inscriptions reread — CH.2 and AP.4 (pp. 95-109)

Franco De Angelis, Estimating the agricultural base of Greek Sicily (pp. 111-148)

Jaś Elsner, From the culture of spolia to the cult of relics: the Arch of Constantine and the genesis of late antique forms (pp. 149-84)

Michael Matheus, Borgo San Martino: an early medieval pilgrimage station on the Via Francigena near Sutri (pp.185-199)

Evelyn Welch, Engendering Italian Renaissance art — a bibliographic review (pp.201-216)

Kate Lowe, Franciscan and papal patronage at the Clarissan convent of San Cosimato in Trastevere, 1440–1560 (pp.217-239)

Robert Sénécal, Carlo Borromeo’s Instructiones fabricae et supellectilis ecclesiasticae and its origins in the Rome of his time (pp.217-239)

P. Perkins and S. Schafer, The excavation of the Villa Pigneto Sacchetti (pp.269-320)

Interim reports

Vedia E. Izzet, The Etruscan sanctuary at Cerveteri, Sant’Antonio: preliminary report of excavations 1995–8 (pp.321-335)

R.J.A Wilson, Rural settlement in Hellenistic and Roman Sicily: excavations at Campanaio (AG), 1994–8 (pp.337-369)


Oliver Gilkes, Sally Martin and Michael Matheus, Excavations and survey at Prati San Martino, Sutri (pp. 371-380)

Richard Hodges and John Mitchell, A new interpretation of the ninth-century hilltop (Colle della Torre) at San Vincenzo al Volturno (pp. 381-385)

Research Reports (pp. 387-402)

Balsdon Fellowship (Ruth Whitehouse and John Wilkins)

Cary Fellowship (Alastair Small)

Hugh Last Fellowship (Boris Rankov)

Rome Scholarships in Italian Studies (Marios Costambeys; Nicholas Vella; Caroline Vout)

Hugh Last Award (Fay Glinister)

Rome Awards (Anne Dunlop; Victoria James; Corinna Riva; Janet Robson)

Archaeological Fieldwork Support

Edward Bispham and Susan Kane

Amanda Claridge

Neil Christie

Janet DeLaine and David Wilkinson

Martin Millett and Simon Keay

Ulla Rajala and Simon Stoddart

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